Welcome to the
$25,000 Teacher Giveaway

Money’s tight in education, and the idea that we keep asking teachers to do more with less is unbelievable. Many Americans just don’t realize that teachers buy a disproportionate amount of classroom supplies. According to a National Center for Education Statistics survey released in May, 94% of teachers use their own money to buy school supplies with teachers spending an average of $479 on classroom materials. Teachers at schools with socioeconomically disadvantaged students have greater classroom expenses, on average spending $672 on school supplies, compared to their counterparts. We are here to help.


Over a 5 week period during this holiday season, with the help of our friends at KRNV NEWS CHANNEL 4 and KRXI FOX NEWS 11, we will donate 25 awards of $1,000 to Northern Nevada teachers to purchase classroom supplies such as reading materials, calculators, paper, pencils, or any other projects. To request funding, simply submit the information in the form on this page. We will choose 25 winning teachers to receive a $1,000 award to help their students.


By submitting a proposal, you understand and promise that:

  1. The $1,000 check will be deposited in your school account for the benefit of the winning teachers;
  2. You are a licensed teacher, librarian, guidance counselor, coach or other public school employee directly serving students and currently employed at the school you note;
  3. The activity you propose is legal and falls within the standards of your board of education; and
  4. Any proposals you submit are solely for you and your class and are not on behalf of any other teacher or class.