Where does Santa Stay???

Where does Santa Stay???

¬†Wondering where you should go when you get all tuckered out from all the ho ho ho’s? We have come up with a solution for you!You have 3 choices, take a cab, take a cop car, or stay at a hotel.

Since we know that no self-respecting Santa, Elf, Reindeer, Baby Jesus, Ms. Claus, or Santa Pimp wants to end the night with a stay in the pokey, in, or out of, your special outfit, we have found a few hotels that would love to accommodate our type. Please note that we do not condone drinking and driving at any time and hotels and taxis are recommended!

The Silver Legacy Resort Casino has graciously donated to our Reindeer Games Charities and is offering newly renovated rooms for less than $79 bucks (or $89 bucks with two cups) for the night of December 10, 2016. Please reserve your room today as quantities are limited! And believe you me, this is definitely better than a night in the pokey! Support the Claus, book a room. CLICK HERE FOR ROOMS

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