And now, we proudly present….


Participants MUST be at least 21 years old!

No matter how old you are, your ID will be checked at every bar! Bring valid ID.

Participants MUST wear appropriate attire!

A complete Santa suit, Mrs. Claus suit, snowman, crown of thorns & loin cloth or some other festive decoration are not only part of the deal, but exceedingly FUN! And it will get you in free to Official Crawl bars & make you unbelievably popular! The point is to have fun & to make the holidays a great time!

Be the Santa and feel the Christmas spirit.

The Holidays are all about giving and Santa is a giver. This event is all about giving. Bring gifts to hand out to strangers and you will feel the magic of the Christmas.

Do your part for the charity

Support the Claus by frequenting only those establishments on the Official Map! They’re the ones Supporting the Claus with much appreciated donations! Visit all others on another night!!!

This is a free event

There are no tickets to purchase to participate, (drinks unfortunately, you must pay for). If you’d like to Support the Claus, get yourself a waaay cool Official pass which gives you discounted drinks and free cover at all of the bars!! They shall be available for purchase at participating shops! Chocolate Walrus, Prism Magic Junkie, Adam and Eve in Carson City are official Santa Crawl shops.

Santa Crawl Maps

The Official Reno Santa Crawl Maps are available at all of the bars! If you are staying at the Silver Legacy under our hotel code, you will be provided a map upon checkin. We have also posted it on the Map page.

Obey the laws

That includes no jaywalking, littering, or being an asshole. Also, if nature calls, use one of the restrooms at any of the hundreds of bathrooms available at the downtown businesses or use outdoor restrooms shown on the map located near Singers.

Enjoy Downtown Reno!

Visit as many or as few of the downtown restaurants, bars and businesses.

Finish Your Drinks

Keep in mind your tasty beverages must be finished before leaving each establishment. Let’s not put the police to work. K?


Leave NO wassailer behind! If you find a Santa that has too much to drink, put ’em in a cab! Nobody wants to trip over an obliterated Santa!


Always look both ways for runaway reindeer before using crosswalks.


Don’t forget to tip your bartenders, etc! They deserve it for putting up with our sh….holiday spirit!

Don’t Steal or Fight

It’s BAD! We LOVE naughty! We do NOT love BAD!

Sing Carols

Don’t forget to sing carols & do a bit of wassailing!! Come revel in the awesomeness that is the Reno Santa Pub Crawl! However, no marshmallows. Santa’s caught with marshmallows or anything else that can be tossed around will end up sharing them with your new roommates in the county jail.

After Parties

Of course, there are Official After Parties! Once again – check our the Map for where!


Have FUN!!!